Dealing with cultural diversity: Workshop in Tilburg, The Netherlands
Friday, December 19, 2014 at 15:42
Dennis Nigbur

Visitors of the Multiculturalism Forum may be interested in this workshop, aimed at students:


“Terms like intercultural communication skills and global competencies will become increasingly important. Modern technology has made it very easy to communicate with persons who are physically far away from us. Our course deals with this diversity from two perspectives. First, we give an overview of the most influential models of cross-cultural differences and intercultural communication. Second, we strongly believe in “learning by doing” when it comes to dealing with people from other cultures. Therefore, we use cross-cultural negotiation sessions during the course; students play an international negotiation game and get feedback on their performance. Students will also conduct an interview an immigrant in the Netherlands to give a good impression of the opportunities and challenges of being an immigrant. 
More information on the summer school as a whole can be found on this website: (information is being updated). Interested students can contact the course coordinators course ( /”


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